Time Out Tuesdays (TOTS) and Then Some (LADIES GROUP)

Webster, United States
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LADIES ONLY GROUP! We are Time Out Tuesdays (TOTS). A photo of YOURSELF is required, because we need to know what you look like. Our regular monthly meetup is the THIRD Tuesday of the month in the Clear Lake area. The rest of our other fun meetups are on different days throughout the year from Galveston to Houston and beyond. Weekend meetups are not restricted to the Clear Lake area.

If you are needing to take time out of your busy schedules, then this is the group for you! We're here to mingle, make new friends, and enjoy some girl time.

Events include, dinners, happy hours, movies, brunch, concerts, dancing, game nights, short weekend trips, and anything else that looks like fun! Suggestions are always welcome.

PLEASE plan to attend a meetup at least once every four months to remain a member. Thanks!


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