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Dancing Freedom is a global movement supporting liberation, community and leadership through the sacred medicine of dance. We are co-creating a global rEvolution, dancing towards a world in which all beings feel more at home, empowered, peaceful and free.

Dancing Freedom classes blend conscious dance and the essence of medicine ceremony, taking you through an elemental wave of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether are the roots of all things. They are the five fundamental elemental building blocks of the created universe through which we EMBODY. We are intimately linked to these elements on every level; they are not just basic to our lives as humans, they also symbolize, the diverse energies from which everything is made, including us. Each Dancing Freedom class provides a safe and dynamic space to explore your own body sensations and emotions, while connecting with whole group consciousness. The ceremony begins with a powerful prayer for your life, and ends with a harvest circle where collective wisdom is shared.

As a Dancing Freedom community, we believe that oneness includes everything, no exceptions. Therefore welcome all people to participate in the journey, from experienced dancers who want to deepen their practice to those who have never stepped foot on a dance floor.

For info about the global practice: http://samanthasweetwater.com/dancingfreedom/


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