New York Tango Practica Meetup - Rebecca Hosts

New York, United States
702 Members

Learn, practice, improve, and enjoy dancing Argentine tango at these two weekly practicas. Rebecca, an expert in the field, dancing tango 24 years now, will spend time with any dancer wanting some help on the dance floor. This is a great bargain because each practica costs $12/person and you're getting a mini-private-lesson and lots of nice people to practice with, snacks, great music, beautiful dance floor. Racing Club Practica meets every Thursday 9 pm to 12:00 am and Rawson Practica meets every Saturday 2 to 5 pm at Stepping Out Studios, 37 W 26th Street, 9th floor. Rebecca also offers a full program of classes and lessons, and you can read more about those at But this Meetup group is all about practicing at whatever skill level you are currently enjoying, and getting ready to go out to milongas and simply dance, express the music, connect with a partner, and have some intense fun!


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