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Welcome to Health, Fitness and Kinesiology based in the Brentwood area.  The title represents working in different ways with the whole self.   In a way that is individually suitable to you, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  

We are all unique and individual, therefore there is never only one way to work with the body.  

If you are concerned about your health, well-being and looking for a local Fitness Class, with no subscriptions, no monthly fees, just pay as you attend a class.  That includes a mixture of "external" and "internal" movements for Strength, Flexibility, Tone and Alignment for the whole body and mind, then hopefully there is a class to suit you. 

Classes includes : 

• Zumba dance fitness and Zumba Burst (based on H.I.I.T) 

• Body Conditioning 

• Legs, Bums & Tums

• Core Stability and Ab Workout 

• Circuits and Cardio Combat 

• Power Walking. 

• Pilates 

• Yoga (Ashtanga, Hatha, Kriya, Yin Stretches), including Mudra, Mantra and Bandhas

• Tai-Chi Qigong & Meridian exercises 

• Breathing & Relaxation Techniques (pranayama) 

• Meditation 

• Tai-Chi, Yoga and Kinesiology Fusion ** 

• Tension Release Technique

• Optimum Nutrition

** Kinesiology combines the ancient healing of traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture pressure points combined with modern muscle testing techniques to help us communicate better with our body.   Kinesiology works with all layers : physical, mental, emotional, psychological, physiological, bio-mechanical, bio-chemical, and energetic. 

For complete wholeness. Classes are £4.50 for one class or £6 if you attend both classes back to back for both External + Internal class. 

Periodically, we run Spiritual Well Being Day's and focus will be tailored to specific therapeutic themes, on an element or season. For example, Winter is the Traditional Chinese Medicine Five Elements or Water Element relating to the Kidney/Bladder Meridians, Root/Sacral Chakras, foot, heel and leg muscles, Fears, Wisdom and transitional states, like the menopause.   

My Ethos is, our bodies represent our Vehicles that house the precious Soul, and the driver of the vehicle.  It is therefore essential to take care of our vehicle so that we may unite, reconnect with our inner beings in Oneness.  

Issues, deficiency or blockages occur when we neglect either the body, mind or soul. 

For more information, or to receive Monthly Timetable of classes/events, please contact me :

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