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Come out & join us for a free fun-tastic hour of aerobics. The workout includes kickboxing, cardio, pilates, and Zumba all fused together to create a great workout experience. Classes are every Saturday from 9a-10a and every Tuesday from 6p-7p. All classes are completely free and open to the public, held at Elevate Christian Church (4655 S. 16th Street. Phoenix, AZ 85040). Bring a towel and water bottle so that you can be prepared to sweat and burn calories to the latest/greatest gospel music.

As of 2015, now also includes step and circuits!!!!!

May 2016 Update: Classes are now on every Saturday 8a-9a and Wednesday 5:30p-6:30p.

Oct. 2017 Update!!!! Classes are now every Tuesday & Thursday from 5:30p-6:30p.

Nov. 2017 Update!!! In addition to our combo fitness class and circuit training class we are now offering step class as well. And yes, the class is still free!!! However, all we ask is that you show your commitment to your health/fitness lifestyle by bringing your own step to class (considering that people tend to be more committed to a goal when they’ve actually paid their own money for equipment, it’s sad but true). Step class will be beginning on Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 5:30p (location: Elevate Christian Church 4655 S. 16th Street Phoenix,AZ). It is preferred that you RSVP for class if possible, since we do only have a limited amount of space.

December 2018 Update!!!!!! Class now has new schedule and location. Please check event calendar for new times and location.


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