Kizomba Afro-Latin Dance Meet-up Abu-Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
3328 Members

This is a group bringing together anyone and everyone interested in learning, understanding and moving to the sensual rhythms of the Afro-Latin Dance, Kizomba. Having its origins firmly rooted in Angola, Africa; this dance recently came to the lime-light and has seized the hearts of Latin dancers the World over. If you are an absolute beginner OR have had some experience in this dance, there is no barrier, lets come together and have a great time!!!

Now we are taking on NEW dances; the Salsa and Bachata social Latin dances. Having its roots in Africa as well, the Salsa(originally recognized as the Mambo) is danced by millions of Latin-lovers alongside its sister social dance form, the Bachata, known for its sensuality and musicality.

Let us take you on a journey, to the World of Latin...

For details, please visit/copy and paste the link on to any search engine:


Happy viewing...


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