Westchester Scottish Country Dance Society

Elmsford, United States
107 Members

Do you like to dance? Are you interested in Scottish or Celtic music and culture? Would you like to meet great people, get some exercise, and have fun? Then come dance with us! Beginners are welcome; you don't need to bring a partner; you don't need any special costume, just soft-soled shoes with no heels and clean soles (to keep the dance floor clean -- you can change into them when you arrive).

Scottish country dancing is a social dance form where you dance with a partner in a set of couples, somewhat like square dancing or contra dancing. In each dance you will do a set of patterns using skipping steps, which are taught and practiced during the weekly classes. There are several dance parties throughout the year, as well as more formal balls in which dancers from all across the region come together and dance to live music. Each session has a break for tea and snacks during which you can rest and socialize. The dancers are very friendly and will always help you out if you get confused or forget what to do next.

Here's an example of what it looks like (and another).


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