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We are a group of friends that like to stay on the go and meet new people in the area. We will be doing a lot of events hopefully most will enjoy, such as Happy Hours, Dinner, Live Theater, Concerts, Festivals, Dancing at different venues, kayaking, camping, day trips, overnight trips,  monthly B'day Dinners, Social and Sporting activities and anything else that people are interested in doing. We have the events in all of the Houston area however dinners are mostly on southeast side.  Come join us and you will be surprised at how much fun we will have together. We hope you enjoy yourself so much that you will invite a friend to join our group ...... 

A recent photo of yourself  is required on your profile to join us. Also, you must use your real first name and not anything else like Skyman, Fun Girl, Sweet Pea or Bike Rider. I think you get the idea. I ask for cell and email, you can send to me personally if you want but that's mandatory for admittance to group, I have to call for emergency times and dates to our event or to locate you, I will give you my cell also but sometimes email is best and we send invites for private home events through email. I have set up a FB page which is just for the group and its a way to introduce you and to get to know others better, we have lots of ideas on there as well as info on upcoming meet ups. I will send you an email link once you join.

We do have $20.00 yearly mandatory fee. This goes to offset supplies for the group and my time coordinating weekly events. We do monthly raffles to purchase venues for some of our parties and gifts for our members monthly b'day socials.

We do a lot of activities in the Southeast side of Houston as that's where majority of members live.

We only have two rules. That first being that you RSVP accordingly, if you cancel within 2 hours of a meetup or are a no show more than two times without updating or changing your RSVP Meetup may/can remove you from the group. No fun waiting for people to show that never do and prevents others from being able to come :(  and if you do not come to events during the trial, this is may not the group for you.

Secondly, treat all members with mutual respect at all times.


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