Montréal's Healthy Active Lifestyle Expo

Montréal, Canada
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This event is for the entire family. Come have fun and learn more about the different ways to entertain yourself and have fun while being active and learning about Nutrition and Wellness. 

Throughout the weekend, you will have the opportunity to try different activities such as Argentinian Tango, Bootcamp & Toning Fitness, African dance, Salsa, Kizomba, Self Defence, Martial Arts, Thai Yoga Massage, Laughter Yoga, Baladi, Groove fitness and more. 

Take care of your heart and mind. Our personal development professionals are eager to share. Listen and interact with, motivational speaker and other teachers. Learn about changing yourself. Empower yourself with powerful positive perspectives.

You will be delighted to learn how to prepare delicious healthy meals good for you and your family during our Healthy Kitchen Workshops. You will taste the many succulent and healthy dishes prepared by our chefs. 

A massage? Why not, we have a multitude of professionals working in the field of personal well-being such as Massage, reflexology, reiki, beauty treatments, hairdressing and many more. 

Thank you 

Meryse Allard  


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