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We bring affordable activities to families in our community. Check out our Calendar for more class selections for adults and kids.


ADULT SALSA CLASSES (For Social Dancing): Weekly club style Salsa dance classes for adults.  No need to bring a partner to take this class (singles and couples). We teach open floor steps and partner work dancing. Check out our calendar for schedules



Ever want to take Ballet class, but thought you were past the age to start? Well here’s your opportunity to join fellow adults who felt the same, at this exciting new class!

Learn the fundamentals and principles of the Ballet art form. This class offers a great start to a dance 
fitness routine. With an emphasize on proper and healthy alignment. Our Ballet class teaches dance 
technique, traveling exercises, and musicality in a fun, engaging, and creative space.

Ballet is one of the best workouts to not only strengthen and tone your entire body, but also to improve coordination and body awareness. 

We offer a Partnerwork Stage Choreography Class  for Intermediate and above level dancers.

Learn great choreography steps and turn patterns along w/ technique and styling. This is a challenging and creative course designed to strengthen your musical timing, and your confidence to take your dancing to the next level. A dance routine will be taught including open floor steps and Partnerwork. Performance/s will takeplace @ the Ct. Salsa Festival in May, Addie-tude’s Student Showcase in June and local summer events, social dances, etc as opportunities arise.

No Performance Obligation Some folks take the class for the training and the amazing experience that it is. Then support their​ ​classmates from the audience at showtime. This class will help you gain confidence on​ ​the social​ ​dance floor. We will prepare you to dance a choreographed number top to bottom.

You will learn: On2 Dance technique, stage presence, group formations choreography sequences.


KIDS DANCE PROGRAM: We offer classes for kids 3yrs old through Teens up to 18yrs old: Ballet, Contemporary Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, and a variety of Latin Dance (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cha-Cha).  Aspiring young performers are introduced to fun and playful choreography to kick off their performance training. While making new friends will classmates, your child's self-esteem increases as they gain confidence from the class room to the stage! 

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