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Join us for the fun of dancing, with great live music!

English Country Dancing is social, community dancing, where one of the pleasures is interacting with everyone in the room. New people are welcome any time, and you don't need to bring a partner.

Often the first thing that attracts people is the splendid live music. The tunes range from joyful and playfully whimsical to stately and elegant. Some of the tunes go back hundreds of years, while others were composed more recently.

If you've seen Jane Austen movies, then you've seen English Country Dancing. Dancers take a different partner for each dance of the evening, and join a "set" of couples. Each couple dances a series of figures with another couple, then repeats the routine with the next couple in the set, and so on. There's no special footwork: If you can walk you can dance!

Germantown Country Dancers offers a brief orientation to basic dance figures at the beginning of each Wednesday night dance.  Come at 7:30 to learn the basic figures before the regular dance starts at 8:00. 

Check our website for more information.

The Country Dance and Song Society website can help you find English country dances in other communities.






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