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ecstatic commUNITY dance ~ movement, rhythm, and music have been used by cultures throughout the world for millennia to induce healing and ecstatic states of being. gathering together in community, on the dance floor, in movement and music and breath, activates potent life force energy for transformation and creation. it frees our joy and inspiration! THIS is why we dance!!!


~ a note from the founder & facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Dallas ~

beloved tribe: we offer Ecstatic Dance in DFW because this is our passion, our prayer, our soul purpose at this moment in time! together and individually we have experienced deep transformation via conscious dance pratices. it is our belief that everyone becomes more embodied, more empowered, and more fully self expressed through conscious movement in community. as somatic movement advocates and facilitators, we are passionate about meeting people right where they’re at and offering them the opportunity to 'move' further; to awaken their creative life force that's waiting to dance and evolve. this is 'The everyone can come to our heaven dance.' and you have arrived!

in joy,

monica blossom

about monica ~

monica blossom is an ecstatic dance practitioner and social entrepreneur deeply committed to the awakening of evolutionary love, conscious community, and full human potential through the power of dance and music. she first remembers discovering their potency when, at age 5, she caught a glimpse of 'satori', or sudden awakening, while outside dancing and singing alone in springtime. in a moment, she had a full-body sensational experience that opened up new vistas of perception and informed her of the vital importance of dance, movement and the written and spoken word to her path.

in 2006, conscious dance modalities offered at move studio in dallas proved vital as she navigated her way through the ending of a painful marriage. there, she had another primal awakening experience while in trance dance with gerry starnes of austin. she started attending the weekly ecstatic dance gatherings there and, along with yoga, journaling, and prayer, found her way through that dark transition. <br> the magic she experienced at age 5 was reawakened when she accompanied her dear sister-friend to esalen institute for her 40th birthday where they attended a spiritweaves dance retreat in august of 2008. upon returning to her executive staffing position in dallas afterwards, she knew she was on borrowed time to leave; something significant had shifted internally and her purpose was being awakened. in 2009 she left the corporate world to dive into the mystery of 'what's next; what am i here to do?' which led her to canada to study with kundalini dance creator, leyola antara that winter. the following summer became a ten week pilgrimage traveling the western half of the US especially the coast by car to dance with as many tribes and teachers as possible. here, she landed on the Ecstatic Dance floor of Oakland one Sunday morning and had another ecstatic awakening and a knowing that everyBODY needs this! a fire was lit and she carried the Ecstatic Dance torch to Dallas. the summer's experiential inquiry informed her of this: individually and collectively, everyone becomes more embodied, more empowered, freer and more fully self expressed through ecstatic dance and conscious movement practices.

now her life passion and purpose is to promote the healthy evolution of humanity through the power of movement and music. as a facilitator, she is passionate about meeting people right where they are and offering them the opportunity to 'move' further; to awaken their creative life force that's waiting to dance and evolve. she leads through authenticity, integral perspective, grounded enthusiasm, honoring of the sacred, and heart presence.

monica is also the creator of flowetry in motion, a movement modality, a dance practice and a philosophy of living that cultivates an empowered and embodied acceptance of 'what is'. she is a burgeoning workshop facilitator, writer, spiritual events producer, marketing maven, steward of conscious community, and overall connector, eternal optimist and lover of life. it is her deepest pleasure to assist others in their full blossoming and self-realization through embodied practices. she's a devoted and humbled mama to three of the most amazing children/young people ever.

to name a few, she has thus far danced with and is deeply grateful for these movement heroes & teachers: michael and anneli molin-skelton, vinn marti, victor allinbloom, suzanne sterling, seane corn, toni bergins, rod stryker, shiva rae, ellen watson, leyola antara, seane corn, suzanne sterling, saul david rae, samantha sweetwater, and micheline pi


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