Hamburg Nightlife

Hamburg, Germany
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To have a fun time together through night-outs, dinners, fun-events like Salsa and other dances and Cuisine.

Welcome All !!

Whatsapp Group of "Make friends in Hamburg" & "Hamburg Nightlife"

Hi There,

thank you all for your support for my groups.It is always a pleasure to meet you all.

I just created a Whatsapp Group for both Meetup Groups to join forces.I know Whatsapp Groups are not for everyone. People like and dislike this communication form and sometimes all these messages which are rushing in are kind of anoying.

But please give it a chance it will help organize bigger events. And if you like to do something spontanously post it in there directly. Either way I like to invite you to my Whatsapp Group "Make friends & Nightlife"

So if anyone is interessted to attend - check it out:

We also have a Whatsapp Salsa Dance Group:

We will meet occasionally for Salsa Events without creating Meetups!

Have a nice evening folks.

Cheers Udoy


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