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Come SALSA with us and FIND YOUR GROOVE as we teach you the proper technique to dancing Salsa!  We teach New York Club Style "On 2" and "Salsa On 1".  We also offer private lessons at your convenience.

Learn the difference between the two styles (On 1 and On 2) and master both!  Eddie Q is an accomplished NYC Instructor who has been dancing and teaching Salsa for over 14 years in New York City and Westchester. Josie is the owner of Josie's International School of Dance and has been dancing salsa for over 10 years and teaching Salsa basics (On 1 and 2) for over 8 years. You'll find your groove and learn what to put into the sauce that gave salsa it's name!  Eddie Q is also an accomplished musician who truly understands the arrangement and complexity of salsa music. Our Meetup Group also knows the BEST places to go Salsa dancing so you'll never get bored. So come join us and start dancing!

For more info you can call Josie @ 914-332-8670 or visit www.josiedance.com for a current class schedule.


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