Boston Indians

Boston, United States
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Hello Guys and Gals

The group is just to have fun all time.

This group is aimed at spending week ends and free time with some fun filled group let be a on the rocks in pubs or salsa in clubs or movies in theatres or pot luck at some friends house or celebrating Indian festivals together or some sports or volunteering in some social service activities. exploring new places or lasts on birthday parties, A long drive along the coast, saying happy new year in the dark in the first minute of the new year etc etc ultimately anything that comes with a package of fun.

Why Singles ?

I just mentioned singles in the group welcome description because with my experience all married people they have less time for all these nonsense , kiddish activites , not just because they dont want to but they have other commitments to do.But if you are married and still feel the same thoughts to have fun and have time you are always welcome.

Why Indians ?

Because if it is generic than there will be huge numbers out there and there will not be enough time to have fun even if it is 24/7 then we may end up quiting our jobs :) Just that we might have lots in common to share no other intention, if you feel you also have lots in common with Indians and or interested to have more Indian friends and want to know more about them , you are most welcome to join the group.

Who Should Join ?

Those who dont have friends

Those who have friends but want more friends

Those who want to kill there time but not alone

Those who like having fun all time

Those who can get along in the group.

Those who want to get along with groups but dont know how.

Ohhh people come on there is no conditions to join the group everyone are welcome to join but be ready always for one or other meet up ......


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