San Mateo, United States
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This meetup group is devoted to offering a number of different opportunities to be in mindful community with others and connect more deeply with the Great Spirit uniting us all.

Among the many mediums explored in DDC gatherings are the principle one's of drumming, dancing, and seated meditation.  Each gathering is unique and could have just one of these elements, or perhaps all of them and more.  Ultimately each gathering is an opportunity for the continued exploration, participation, and appreciation of the interplay of rhythm, flow, and stillness.  It could be the rhythm and flow of our feet, our voices, and our hands, or it could simply be the rhythm and flow of our breath, arising and settling in the stillness of our Being.  This stillness of Being could also be called a 'deep listening' or Presence in which there is no extra sense of there being an individual listener or 'doer'.  All is ultimately recognized as the rhythm and flow of wholeness, all connected in the Heart.  The forms are allowed to come and go and do their dance... all a natural expression and play of the Infinite Being and Awareness that Is.


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