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Circle Dancing is open to everyone. Circle dances are choreographed to different styles of music and rhythms, they can be rather lively or meditative - most of them are deeply rooted in various traditions of folk dances from around the world. No experience is necessary as all the dances are taught first. No partner is needed as we all join hands and dance together.

Dancing in a circle is one of the oldest ways in which people celebrate community and togetherness - celebrating the aspects of life, love, loss, the seasons and work.

Circle dancing can be a powerful way of being in tune: While moving, the wholeness of body, mind and spirit embraces the music and rhythms, and you are always connected to the circle, to the other dancers. The steps are rather easy to learn, just enter with an open heart, and share the spirit, the joy, the love.

Guaranteed side effects: Circle dancing is light to moderate exercise, good for the memory and coordination, meaningful and uplifting.


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Cinque Terre
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