Saturday Night Dancing/Hangout

Waterford, United States
3262 Members

Listen to live bands, dance the night away, enjoy food and drink and socializing. <br>The attendance policy applies to dinner RSVP's specifically: If there are three (3) no-shows/ canceling within 24- hours of event, you will no longer be welcome to join us. <br>The other way to get removed from this group is if a member lets an Organizer know they are uncomfortable by your actions. As an Organizer, we will listen to the complaint, address the Offender and give that person an opportunity to correct themselves. Should the person who offended someone, make another mistake, that will get you no longer welcome as a member, please don't do that. <br>Please be respectful of one another. Ít is appreciated if you keep your RSVP up-to-date when coming to an evening of dancing, not an absolute.
<br>Lastly, we also require a true picture of your face to say hello for recognition. <br>We look forward to seeing your smiling face soon!


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