55 plus Good Times

Adelaide, Australia
192 Members

About Us:     55 plus Good Times

1.     This Meetup Group is for mostly single people who are 50 and over with the majority being in the 60’s age bracket, but we are all young at heart and YES we all love ‘Good Times’.

2.     Our group is purposely kept to a limited number of members as we believe in quality over quantity.  Please be aware that we do not automatically accept every application nor do we have to provide a reason if you are declined.

3.     We organise and/or post events such as dinners, lunches, dancing, live music and musical events, theatre/shows, dance classes, movie nights, quiz/trivia nights, festivals and special events, day trips and more.

4.     We are looking for active members who want to regularly attend and  enjoy a variety of events, so if you are not able to do this, we may not be the right Meetup Group for you as we do have attendance requirements.

5.     We do have Guidelines in place to keep our group running smoothly. Our aim is for all members to enjoy themselves in a safe and happy environment at our events and most of all we want you to have fun!


New Members applying to join must adhere to the following:

6.     A recent, CLEAR PROFILE PICTURE of yourself only (no other people/animals) is to be included and no sunglasses or hats.  This enables us to identify you when you attend events.  We also require all members to provide their Given Name and their Last Name or initial/s in their PROFILE NAME. If this is not done you will will automatically be Declined.  Our group is a Private Group and only members can see your Profile Picture.

7.     So that we know who you are we need to meet you.

8.     Please be aware this is not a dating group. Also, any inappropriate behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group with your membership fee (if paid) forfeited.

9.     Therefore a requirement is, that you will need to attend a HOSTED EVENT held within one month of you joining, (make sure that the event has an Event Host).   If you do not attend a Hosted Event within one month of joining, you will be removed from the group.  

10.    It is your responsibility to ensure that you make yourself known to the Event Host at the attendance of your first Hosted Event and pay the $5 membership fee.  This payment will not be taken until we have met you. The $5 membership is then renewed each May.

11.    The one month 'joining time frame' will allow you, the potential member to view our range of events and then ascertain if our group will be the “right fit” for you.

12.    By Participating in any activity with 55 Plus Group all members agree to release 55 Plus Group and the organiser, co-organisers and hosts from all actions, demands, claims for costs, charges, damages, liabilities and expenses, which you have now or in the future against the 55 Plus Group for death, injury to the body, mind, emotions or any loss or damage that you may sustain or incur as a result of your participation in any activity.  Members also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the 55 Plus Group in relation to any claims as a result, or arising in relation to, whether directly or indirectly, your participation in any activity or any act of omission by any member in relation to the activity.

13.    RSVP's 

Please DO NOT RSVP - YES (in the "Are you going?") for any event outside your one month joining period unless you have attended a Hosted Event & paid the $5 membership fee within your one month joining period.


We are a very active, social group and as such we require all members to attend a Hosted Event at least once every 3 months.  If we find that you have not attended a Hosted Event within a 3 month period without a valid reason, then we will remove you from the group as being inactive and any membership fee paid will automatically be forfeited.

Periodically, we will review all members’ attendances at events to ascertain active and regular participation. If we believe that we are not meeting your event requirements, we will advise you of your removal and thus enable you to&n


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