East Bay Young Professional Social Group

Dublin, United States
317 Members

<a>Dear friends</a>, we are a big family like group! If you are new to this area or find that you have lost your old social circle because friends have moved away, this might be the place for you. Our group’s mission is to help build friendships that last a life time. So if this is what you are looking for, keep reading :) <br> <br> East Bay Young Professionals Social Group (EBYPSG) is a diverse group of active people in their 20s-40s. Our backgrounds and ethnicity vary greatly, but the one thing we have in common is a sincere desire to develop meaningful and lasting friendships. Whether it is an organized activity or simply chatting over coffee, we have fun and enjoy each other’s company regardless of the setting. The group is open to both single and married people as this is truly a social group without the “dating” overtones of other groups. The group is relatively small, so members get the opportunity to get to know each other well and build close friendships. <br> <br> The activities are usually only limited by our imagination and interest from the other members and include things like happy hours, dinners, wine tasting, sporting events, bowling, golfing, BBQs, dancing, game nights, comedy clubs, birthday parties, farmer's markets, hikes, potlucks, movies, hiking, <a>bowling</a>, dancing, ice skating, biking, running, and Broadway shows in SF. There are <a>occasionally</a> big events that include overnight trips. If that wasn’t enough, there are also initial plans for some international trips!...and many other fun activities that our members can think of. Our growing circle of friends comes from a variety of backgrounds. Among us, we have everyone from corporate executives to “fresh out of college” professionals; but we all look for one thing -- meaningful friendships. We get together on a regular basis to have fun activities and support each other in different ways. <br> <br> A couple of notes about the group:

<br> 1. We are selective - As a group we want to keep improving the experiences for everybody and this includes our new members. We want decent, genuine, friendly, and respectful people just like us. We appreciate people who value friendship and are dedicated to developing meaningful friendships. <br> To accomplish this, all new applicants will be given up to two month tryout period and attend at least two events. If the group and the new member find that they are a good match, then we will accept this new member. <br> <br> 2. We are respectful – (We have a Two No-Show Policy; members who have two no-shows will be removed from the group, and we will not refund the membership fee) We usually keep the meetups small, so each person attending is important. If you RSVP for an event, please show up, be on time and don’t cancel at the last minute. We do understand that plans change and unexpected situation happens all the time, please be considerate to update your RSVP and/or call or email your host to notify them about the change in a timely manner. <br> <br> 3. We are active – We usually have multiple meetups per week. One of the cornerstones of why we are so close is because we see each other regularly. This isn’t a typical meetup group that you go to an event every couple months. This is a group of friends who value friendships and wanting to share life together. <br> <br> 4. There is a membership fee – To help defer some of the expenses of running the group, we ask that everyone pay $10 once upon joining the group. However, do not pay the membership fee until you receive an email from one of our organizers informing you that you are accepted as a member after you attend events. <br> <br> <br> We accept serious requests only, we will not approve your membership request if you don't have your profile picture uploaded and all your profile questions filled out. <br> <br> Most of our members live/work around the Tri Valley area -- San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore, Walnut Creek , Pleasant Hill, so most of our events taken place in this area; if you don’t live close by and don’t like to travel for events, this may not be the group for you.


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