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This group is for all those Bollywood music fans who love the music, dancing and the songs. It is to extend the fun and excitement and pure pleasure of the music from just watching on the cinema to anyone loving it to actually being a part of something where you can actually sing it out as loud as you can with like minded people!! Yay!!

The purpose of the group is to bring anyone who loves the songs and music from the bollywood cinema to come together and share the magic by singing different hit songs together in a group, solo, or dancing away to the tunes. Opportunities will also be available for those of you confident to sing as a solo artist and to give it a go, we will all be there to support you!! There will be Meetups arranged where you can dance away to the singing and music of a live Indian band, sing away at one of our karaoke nights, or just relax and enjoy the evening over a delicious Indian meal with the other members.

Songs that will be sung will be all from Bollywood cinema old and new- don't worry if you haven't memorised the words we will sing and learn it together!! Woohoo!!

All you Bollywood Song Lovers :

Ladies- please do come and bring your friends who love singing and dancing too!

Gents- please do come- we need your charming male voices to complement the harmony and to sing the guy roles in the songs!! And don't forget to bring your dancing shoes ( trainers please!)

Anyone interested in Bollywood dance, music/songs and who would love to take part in singing and dancing together as a group is welcome no matter what age, nationality or creed. No prior singing experience required- if you love to sing and love this type of musc- please do come!!

You ladies out there who may be the next Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Alka Yagnik or Kavita Krishnamurthy- come along we want to hear you too!!

Those of you gents who are the next Kishore Kumar, Muhammad Rafi, Udit Narayan or Sonu Nigam this is your chance to shine!!

All you musicians out there- Anyone who can play any asian musical instruments such as Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium is welcome. Also if you can play a keyboard you are welcome too. You could bring your instrument with you and could play live music to accompany us!


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