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Calgary, Canada
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For an example of square dancing go to youtube clip:

We meet at Highwood Community Hall every week from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.  The hall has a big parking lot, adjacent to an outdoor skating rink.  The main door is at the side of the hall, opposite the outdoor rink.  Dress is casual and bring comfortable indoor shoes.  During the evening you'll learn some calls, dance to all types of music, meet people, have a lot of laughs, and enjoy some light refreshments.  It's easy to clock 7000 to 10,000 steps in an evening and not even know it because it's so much fun.  No partner is required, but it's nice if you have one.  Sometimes two ladies dance as a couple - that works fine, too.  We welcome families but keep in mind that the evening ends around 9:30-10 pm.  Our club is called "Banff Trailers Square Dance Club", we are one of 9 MWSD clubs in Calgary and area.  See our website:  

There's a difference between 'Old Time' and 'Modern Western Square Dance'.  Old Time is typically done to live fiddle music.  Most people mistakenly believe that all square dancing is danced to this type of music. Old Time uses up to 25 dance steps, termed "calls", and is repetitive making the dances easy to memorize.  

Modern Western Square Dance (MWSD) evolved from Old Time, and consists of ten programs which use over 500 calls.  The most common level is Mainstream which has 68 calls.  The Caller (dance instructor) can mix the calls as he/she wishes, making each dance unique.  Music varies from C&W, pop, rock, classical, show tunes, or any other music that has a strong beat.  Callers are educated through ongoing workshops and caller schools.   The traditional outfit (women's skirts & crinolines and men's matching shirts & scarves) is optional.  Today many dancers choose to dress casual or western.


​“It was an easy way to meet people when we were new in the area.” 

“My friends persuaded me to come three years ago and I had no idea what to expect. I remember laughing a lot while learning, and loving how the moves connected. I could see it would not only increase my fitness, but my social life, too.” 

“It's my stress reliever.  Any worries I have disappear while I'm dancing - and laughing.  I always leave smiling.” 

“I have two left feet but I can square dance.  There's no fancy footwork and no lead partner.  The dance instructors are really patient, too.”  

"For us it's the perfect night out - great exercise, brain gym, fun people and easy on the wallet."

“I didn’t expect to laugh so much. It was way more fun than working out at the gym, and everyone is so helpful and nice."


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