Brisbane Baby Boomers

Brisbane, Australia
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Brisbane Baby Boomers is a very active 50+ social group focusing on events for men and women who are young at heart and enjoy chilling out together whilst having great conversations and lots of laughter. Our group consists of both couples and singles and you will enjoy a wide variety of interesting events ranging from coffee catch up, social drinks, picnics, bbq's, wining & dining, live music, dancing, movies, car rally, race days, camping/glamping, weekend getaways, festivals, places of interest and a whole lot more. We limit our membership opting to be a smaller boutique-size social group. Tagged the “Baby Boomer” generation due to massive increases in births following World War II. Baby boomers are those people born worldwide between 1946 and 1964, the time frame most commonly used to define us…and what a magnificent generation we have become…just ask us! 

Our database is updated monthly with inactive members removed and new members welcomed. We are NOT a singles or a dating site ~ it is 110% fun as a social group no matter what your status. Being an online social group; we require all members to upload a true, and fairly current photo of themselves, (head/shoulder style preferred), so we can easily identify you online, and recognize you from your photo to welcome you at our meetups. Request to join without a photo, or a photo of pets, scenery, objects etc. will be declined. Don't be shy; we have 'private' status so only members will see your photo and only members have access to our meetup information. 

We have five simple rules that form the terms of membership.
1. New members are required to pay a $5:00 joining fee upon acceptance / admission into the group. This is in lieu of our annual member fee which covers yourself and +1 for all meetup events attended annually. (venue charges (i.e. movies) are an additional member cost) The funds raised cover meetup site charges and also used to subsidize targeted group events.

2.  New members are required to attend their first meetup within 3 months of joining and accepted in to the social group,

3. All members are required to attend their next meetup event within 6 months of attending their first event,

4. All members are required to log in to our group website page within any three-month period.

5. Members who RSVP to attend a meetup and don't turn up are deemed " no shows". This practice is condemned and can cause negative consequences for both our group and the member hosting. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the group for one month and will need to reapply for membership.

Inactive members outside of the above basic membership rules are removed allowing others on the wait list to advance and join the group.

TIP: For your online safety; please do not include personal information in your introduction (do not include personal information such as you are divorced, separated, single, etc.) .. a brief greeting to members and your interests is adequate. Happy to know if you are a couple, and include your partner's name, if you wish.

Your real first name is required so we know who you are, and for your personal safety and internet security, surnames are not necessary - this is your choice. Nicknames are not accepted. We want to know the real you.




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