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Meet, Mingle & Dance, or just meet and mingle! Who knows when you will see Mr. or Ms. Right "across a crowded room"! <br>

We produce great parties, especially for single men and women mostly 40's & 50's....some younger and some older attend, but all are welcome. The parties are also called mixers or dance parties or just dances, depending on what part of the country <or world> that you are from :))) So, if you feel comfortable within those age ranges, c'mon out and meet some nice people. The more parties that you attend, the more people and friends that you'll make...just a fact. <br>

The 40+ Singles Parties are usually held, right now, about 2-3 times a month, but we may add more parties from time to time, so be sure to check our website often for latest additions to our schedule,

We are always trying to attract "NEW FACES": We have many people who come to the parties often, others when they just don't happen to have or feel like going on a date. Usually about 1/3 - 1/2 of the people at each party are there for their first time. If you bring a new person, just BRING A PRINTOUT OF THIS PAGE for yourself (and one for the NEW person or persons that you bring), and you (both or all) will receive $5 DISCOUNT each! (Yes, sorry, you must bring a print out as we turn them in the venue's management for a partial rebate on your discounted admission...,so we NEED the paper. Showing your phone just doesn't work for this promotion. Again - sorry!) <br>

The 40+ Parties are always held in a very respectable & upscale location. .. so ladies, you can feel perfectly comfortable coming by yourself, as many do, or certainly come with friends.! <br>

Even if you don't happen to love dancing, our parties are a great place to just socialize and meet & mingle with new people. Many friendships, even of the same sex, have been made, and it becomes a fun place when you begin to know more and more people...almost like to coming to "CHEERS", "where everyone knows your name". but we have a great DJ and dancing! <br>

Men - "Dress to impress" works really well. You are are asked not to wear Jeans (unless otherwise noted on the specific party info) and NO T-shirts , and definitely no sports hats, sweats, shorts, flip flops, etc.! First law of attraction -" The sharper that you dress, the more that the women will be attracted to you".

Ladies - can wear anything that they like because they always look good!

Since our parties attract a diverse crowd, you're guaranteed to hear a wide variety of the most popular dance music - some newer, some older, some disco, some rock, some romantic slow songs, and some Latin and a few line dances thrown in. Our DJ always takes your requests seriously -SERIOUSLY! <br>

Coming to a 40+ Singles Party is definitely the best decision you could make to improve your social life in a hurry! :>)))

Look forward to meeting you soon. Maybe you will meet the love of your life at one of our parties - I hope so! <br>

Dave <br>



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