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Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
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Hello we are the Shrewsbury Socials, a meetup group for those who want to meet new people at social events in the Shrewsbury area. The group is open to everyone, while most of our members are in the 30s to 50s age range. By joining this group, you will be able to join us at any of our many events which will be constantly updated! Live music, pub nights, dancing, comedy, meals out, family friendly events, walks in Shropshire, brunches, day trips away to events like Ludlow food festival and we even have the odd trop abroad. 

We are a very welcoming and friendly group and many great friendships have developed within the group. We meetup on a regular basis to support local businesses and enjoy what Shrewsbury has to offer.

To cover the cost of the meetup website and provide a kitty to pre-buy tickets for events, there is a joining fee of £5, this is just a one-off payment when you join and to be given to the organiser of your first event. I just want to point out that this is a non-profit group and all the money goes back into running the group.

We also require then when joining you add a recognisable photo as this makes it easier for the organisers to spot you when you turn up for an event.

So, come and join us for an evening in Shrewsbury and meet some great people and we will make you feel very welcome

Hope to see you out and about soon.

Steven Schiroli 


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