Spirit United Community

Saint Paul, United States
537 Members

Spirit United Wellness Center and Spiritual Community is co-creating our more beautiful world.

We are a wellness center and spiritual community here to support people and communities. We are healing, becoming, and embodying our true selves – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  As seekers we understand that within community our personal growth and transformation magnifies and strengthens ourselves, others, and all of humanity and more.  We are a welcoming, adventurous community of mindful, loving individuals.  We are dreamers and doers, practical visionaries.  We are full hearted participants birthing our more beautiful world.  We are compassionate co-creators with the Cosmos.  Because our living creates, we use conscious and mindful words and responsible actions to bring social and environmental balance and healing to our world.

Our gatherings are adventures for you to awaken more fully into who you are, to open your heart and to connect to the Oneness of All.  We say YES to Life!

Awaken your intuition

Open your heart

Spark your imagination

Ignite your creativity

Engage your intellect

Inspire your service

Dance with the cosmos!

Come join us.  Say YES to Life! 

About Us  

Spirit United is a wellness center and community of whole-hearted,  spiritually alive, mindful people birthing the New Story of Oneness with all Creation. A place where you can focus on personal, environmental, societal, global and cosmic evolution. We are a place where you awaken more fully into who you are and can be you.  At Spirit United you connect with others to strengthen your connectedness to yourself, others, community, the world, all that is, and The One. These connections integrate spirit and matter.  From knowing all creation is sacred in every moment of every day, our world becomes more beautiful.  

Together at Spirit United we actively co-create sacred moments with ourselves, each other, the world and universe and The Divine. Our eclectic group chooses diversity – in our educational teachings and experiences designed for us to become more whole - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We honor each person’s journey and freedom of belief.   We engage in adventure’s designed to inspire healthy unfolding.  We embrace diverse sacred teachings, traditions and rituals, as well as new scientific understandings.   We honor the great teachers of our past, present and future.  We celebrate the Earth and her cycles.  We honor the balance of our sacred masculine and feminine energies.  We focus on the Inner Quest.  We use practical principles and practices to transform our lives and the world.  We say YES to life! 

Our Vision

Spirit United sees a New Story of Oneness for all of Creation.  We see every being as co-creator with the Divine, bringing harmony and peace to the earth – all people, animals, plants, and Earth herself, the Universe and the Cosmos.  We co-create our more beautiful world.

Our Mission  

Our Spirit United is wellness center and spiritual community.  We gather to unfold our healthy, whole selves  mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We gather to awaken more fully as whole beings.  We gather to  connect to the Oneness of the Divine and all of creation.   We offer classes and events, gatherings, and celebrations for you to adventure in self-discovery and leadership.  We integrate universal and ancient knowing, practices and traditions to transform our souls.   We are a supportive and caring community who merge the past, present and future into today’s world. 

We welcome those who feel drawn to join us.  On Friday evenings we have a meditation and an educational workshop. Saturdays and Sunday afternoons we offer classes, gatherings, events and celebrations.  Sunday mornings we gather to celebrate community and gain inspiration, information and support.  Spirit United offers adventures, practices, education and healing opportunities to bring harmony and balanced living.  Come to our wellness center and spiritual community.  We are living the New Story where spiritual consciousness is happening to shift the entire planet and cosmos.  We are co-creating our more beautiful world. We say YES to life! 


Everyone has a vital role in our community, in the world.  Spirit United is a community of people who focuses on our connectedness as well as our perfection in our imperfection.  We honor personal transformation.  And we recognize each one of us, ea


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