Girls in the City Meetup

Cork, Ireland
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This is a group set up to bring women together. Maybe some of us are young single women, or some of us are in a relationship or even married and yes we can get bored. So what can we do to add some spice into our lives, we call a friend who is settled and unable to go out for a couple of months. No! we join this meetup group so there is always someone to go out with. This site gives you the opportunity to go out with the girls have chats, dinners and dancing. You get to make new friends and get the opportunity to do all sorts of things together. With this meetup the idea is that its all women together which is very attractive to the opposite male sex that 'We are Girls having fun'! Lets enjoy doing this and we can have our own parties at home or away or whatever the group decides. Life is for living so lets live it!

We cater for girls in their late 30's to 40's but all ladies are invited as there is some things that can suit all.Please include a Clear picture of only yourself on your profile and mobile number privately to me for future events. If you try to join without a picture of yourself you wont be accepted. If you join and remove your picture later then you will also be removed from the group.if you try to start up other groups within the group you will be removed from the group. Everything you do in the group is at your own risk, so always be careful of yourself. If you add yourself to an event make sure you go and if you cant make it remove your name and comment on the page before the event begins. If you don't comment for 3 events after adding yourself and not turning up you will be removed. This group is full of positive energy and its always good to look out for one another. I invite you to enjoy every moment you spend here and I hope you take a positive experience from it. For this group only wants women who mind the group and each other. Im sure you will enjoy and ill see you soon for some great events.


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