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San Diego, United States
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If you have a passion for the music from the '70s and '80s. Do the Hustle!! This group is for people who love club-style dancing, want to learn to dance the Hustle or are looking for a dance partner. Boogie down to your favorite Funky, Disco or Strut the Old School Music Memories. Sign up, tell your friends and meet new people from all over: This is the meetup group for you! Join us as we celebrate, dance and embrace the best dance tracks of all time. Events will always be affordable, friendly and easy access to anywhere in Southern California.


We have a Hustle Daze Dance Party on the first and fifth Sat. (when there is one) of the month, and include a free Hustle dance lesson.

What members are saying!


Hustle Daze brings back feelings of the old disco dancing of the 70's and 80's. They were mostly happy feelings, we were working, had some money to spend and went dancing 5 to 7 nights a week.

—Hustle Daze Groopies member


Relive moments only seen on film before! I wanna be that John Travolta dude! It was fun when I knew most of the people out there!

--Hustle Daze Groopies member

"I went to the first Hustle Daze Dance Party meetup, met some really nice people and had a great time! This meetup is a bunch of people who have FUN dancing, and the dance floor was huge! Looking forward to the next meetup!"

—Hustle Daze Groopies member


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