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Ballroom, Salsa, and Latin dancing has found a new generation of fans.  Popularized by television shows like, "Dancing with the stars", many have found the inherent joy in Ballroom and Latin dancing. Dance favorites like Tango, Swing, Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Viennese Waltz are capturing people's attention and motivating them to take to the dance floor.  Ballroom and Latin dancing has become the new 'cool' thing to do for a vibrant new audience. No longer is ballroom dancing reserved for the overly sophisticated, or relegated to charity balls.  It's a new age for ballroom and Latin dancing, let's usher it in together!  Read our reviews.  Check out our dance videos page.


Ballroom and Latin Dancing is for Everyone!

Couples or singles, young or old, beginner or advanced... all are welcome.  We offer exciting and affordable classes in ballroom dancing for beginners, and Salsa & Latin classes for beginners.  We also offer personal lessons for those who really want to get into the "swing of things".  Every other month, we host an open ballroom dance event (we've posted up some photos you can see).  Join our performance class and you can even learn a choreographed group dance routine and perform at the event with us.


Affordable Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes!

It's all about community and friends.  Some of our more advanced students find that they really enjoy the people and friendships that they've made over the years.  Feel as though you belong to a club, meet new people, and come get acquainted with the incredible world of ballroom and Latin dance!


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