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It all began one lovely day in the summer of 2014.  I was guiding a small hiking group of friends up to the 3,000-year-old Bristlecone Pine called the Raintree on Mt. Charleston, 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas.  One of my friends and hiking buddies suggested we should start a new Meetup group for hiking and exploring the outdoors surrounding the area, perhaps even include some social and networking activities. 

Since I don’t like to take people where I have never been, for the past couple of years I joined several other hiking groups to learn more about the beautiful outdoors surrounding Las Vegas I knew nothing about. 

While hiking with these other groups, I learned that there are thousands of people here who enjoy hiking.  Most of the hiking groups begin early in the morning, some are hard core, some are very laid back and easy going, some like scrambling, some like day trips or weekend trips, some include camping, canoeing, kayaking, and even international travel, but all want to have safe fun while enjoying the great area surrounding Las Vegas.

Several like-minded friends I met while hiking with other groups gradually began hiking together because we found that other groups either began too early in the morning, or were too hard core, or the hikes were too easy or too short for our liking.

Fast forward to the present, exactly 4 years after starting this Meetup.  While hiking with a friend and hiking buddy in July 2017 to the Raintree, it was suggested we start our own hiking group.  So I resurrected this Meetup group I had abandoned for a few years.  We decided that we prefer something in the middle of most hiking groups: beginning not too early or late, not too easy or hard-core, and very open to all day and weekend trips.  Any member will be able to suggest, create, organize and lead a group.  

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