Inspired Women's Circle

Phoenix, United States
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No matter where each of us are, it is exactly perfect. We meet there, and help each other grow.

JOIN US FOR INSPIRED WOMEN'S CIRCLES on First and Third Thursdays each month AND OTHER JOYOUS EVENTS ON THE COMMUNITY CALENDAR. Some events are member-organized, others are community posts.

We are a group of woman coming together to support each other for a unique journey... <br> When we step into our power as women, we can create beautiful change in the world! I challenge you to take a deep look at yourself and what you are here on this planet to do, and I gratefully ask the same from you! This group belongs to every member and our intention is that we get as much as we need from it. <br>

Join us and let us know how we can support you. Wonderful new friends, uplifting local events, a new outlet, a fresh vision, mentors, sisters...Come meet and grow with other great women on the journey!

The Inspired Women's Circle: <br> 1) welcomes women of all ages, backgrounds and belief systems, <br> 2) focuses on self-exploration, self-love, creativity and community, and <br> 3) embraces the possibilities created by a network of inspiring women.

We learn from and teach each other by sharing passions, powers, experience and expertise. <br> Please join us and actively participate! <br>

The group calendar features diverse events each month. Most events are free with sugg. $1-5 donation towards dues appreciated at each event. Some events are part of a repeating series where we grow together. We commit to ourselves AND each other to create a better world!

Some concepts we can explore together:

SELF-EXPLORATION, HONEST REFLECTION, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Who we really are and who we want to be. Let's share and grow together as women, without judgement. <br> SPIRITUALITY AND CONNECTION TO OUR DIVINE SELF. Regardless of your choice of religion, your spiritual aspect is something that is important to nurture. Let us explore spiritual practices together for inner peace and harmony, and to help us fulfill our souls' purpose. <br> CREATIVITY, ENERGY AND SEXUALITY. These are all directly linked and vital! When we are expressing ourselves fully and honoring our true feminine energies, our creativity flows, and vice versa. It is empowering to join with a group of women for open, honest discussion where ANYTHING GOES, and where our empowerment is supported. This is also a safe space to discuss private issues you may not discuss elsewhere, such as biology and anatomy, hormonal changes, sexual experiences etc. Due to the sensitive nature of these conversations, please note *MOST EVENTS ARE VAGINAS-ONLY EVENTS* <br> RELATIONSHIPS AND DATING Spending time and sharing experiences with other people, intimately, socially and romantically, is an important aspect of self- and selfless love. Sharing in a sacred circle with other women can be particularly helpful to look at where and why we are having difficulties, individually and in relationships, both by relating and by collaborating. Let us interact without manipulation, be true to ourselves and our needs, heal old patterns, relate honestly in relationships, and find quality friends and partners. <br> HEALTH, WELLNESS, YOGA, INNER HEALER. Vibrancy is our birthright. Let us not forget, we are perfect NOW. May positive energies and a warm smile constantly emanate from us all! <br> DANCE, MUSIC, ART, EXPRESSION, JOY. Plug in and creatively express our beautiful selves, bring joy to the soul, mind and body. Liberate! Let us participate in joyous activities together for growth. <br> WOMEN WITH SMALL BUSINESSES, OR LOOKING TO LIVE THEIR PASSIONS. When a job is a passion, we never have to work a day in our life! Let us collaborate and support one another with inspiration, new ideas, networking, and the energies of professional expansion. Members in MLM/network marketing are respectfully discouraged from using the group to try and build a "team". <br> FAMILY LIFE. Events that help mothers to gather to have fun, with or without kids, and discuss how to balance working, staying home, parenting and taking care of yourself, and the challenges of being a single parent. Also supportive workshops and networking opportunities for mothers. <br> BEING TRUE TO OURSELVES AND SUPPORTING EACH OTHER. This is the core concept of the group that induces the most dramatic change within ourselves, our families and our communities. We support each other as we challenge ourselves and expand our boundaries further into the divine so we can grow... <br>

We are committed to creating a safe space for all of us to ask, learn, share, discover and explore. You will never be pushed beyond your comfort level by anyone but yourself! Expect lively, inspiring and diverse conversati


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