St. Pete' Over sixty single Ladies Dance/Dine Active Group

Saint Petersburg, United States
26 Members

Lets celebrate the present moment at every meeting by joining this  diverse group of kind, friendly ladies seeking new friends for fun gatherings ;  happy hour, dining, dancing, Museums, Theater, Movies, walking, snorkeling, shopping,  in a kind , friendly, and supportive  ambiance to experience what this sisterhood group, as a whole, has to offer. 

 Our meetups are purposely very small, usually six,  so each member can  can hear, interact/participate in  conversations with everyone else if so desired!

Membership requirement;

There are costs to operate and maintain this site,  your thoughtful contribution is very much appreciated!  To contribute  you may donate $10  in person at a meetup or on line  by clicking on dues icon next to organizer's picture.

 Smoking: because our meetups are small smoking breaks  disrupts and is therefore not acceptable

Punctuality; ability to plan ahead  for heavy traffic and prime parking in consideration of others waiting for you before ordering their meal.. Chronic lateness is not acceptable!

Where reservation is not an option everyone is expected to help secure table/seats; this is a group effort!  Your thoughtfulness will be very much appreciated!  

Must be able to get along well with others in a group setting; be patient, compassionate and accepting of others differences. This IS NOT the house wives reality show!

A  RECOGNIZEBLE CLOSE UP FACIAL picture of yourself [ NOT A FULL BODY SHOT or group photo, pet, flower etc.]


A completed introduction of yourself

*You must attend at least one event within a two month period in order to keep your membership active.

*Three  consecutive RSVP cancelled or no show ends your membership

*You may rejoin if you decide to participate

Your input  and ideas for new meet up places/activities is always appreciated!


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