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The very FIRST Group dedicated to GENERATION JONES!

ARE YOU 42-55 +/-, BORN BETWEEN 1955 and 1968? Too young to be a Boomer, older than Gen-X... Enjoy the company of fellow GENERATION JONESers: We grew-up together, shared the same cultural experiences, & have lots to share today! WE KNOW WHERE YOU'RE COMING FROM!


=happy hours

=board game nights


=tribute-band shows

=disco dance parties




=girls/guys night out

=sports events

=readers' groups

=GOT AN IDEA? We can make it happen!

If you're a year or 2 off the 1955-68 definition, welcome too: One of a Joneser's defining characteristics is blending-in w/the the generations fore+aft.

For now, Membership is FREE! Costs for events will be posted.

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Born 1955-68, we JONESers tend to identify ourselves as younger than we are chronologically, and we clearly differentiate ourselves from our older Boomer brethren. Compared to us, Boomers are OLD!

We grew-up in the late70's & Big80's on McDonald's,Pop-tarts &"The Brady Bunch." We sorta recall B/W TV, but there was -always- TV, w/Saturday morning cartoons & the start of Saturday Night Live. Kennedy's assassination & Woodstock were a bit before our time; Grunge & Lollapalooza a bit after. We remember when Man Walked On The Moon: our folks woke us to watch & of course Walter Cronkite narrated.

We saw Saturday Night Fever, Jaws, StarWars, Animal House, Airplane, RiskyBusiness, Breakfast Club & Aliens. We recall "Happy Days" before Fonzie jumped the shark. When we were in our 20's, TV was all about the "30somethings, " Princess Di's wedding and Luke+Laura's too. We loved Love Boat, Magnum PI, Dynasty & Cheers.

We wore polyester & danced to disco. We also listened to Pure Prairie League, America & the Eagles; Hall+Oates, & Donny+Marie; Styx, Kansas, Yes & Genesis (before it became The Phil Show). Rock'n'Rollers were in heaven with the Stones, Led Zepplin, the Who, Kiss & Ozzy.

We remember when MTV played music videos! Our "V-Jays" were Nina, Martha Quinn and JayJay, playing Police, Blondie, VanHalen, CultureClub, A-Ha, Bananarama, DuranDuran & Depeche Mode. LIVE AID was our Woodstock.

We owned bell-bottoms & platform or "Earth" shoes. Our wardrobe had at least 1 plaid item or 1 with an inexplicably-awful pattern, usually brightly-colored. In the 80's: Big hair, big shoulders, Preppy popped collars & Docksider loafers & lots of neon colors.

We might have watched our big sisters curl their hair on orange-juice cans, or had a Dorothy Hamill haircut or a home perm. We recall when mullets were a common 80's hairstyle; Lots of you guys are on your way to bald if you haven't already arrived.

We went to toga parties & we inhaled (some of us still do), maybe remember the Last Days of Free Love pre-AIDS (whether with a sly grin or chagrin). We still dress up for Halloween, still like to go out; we hang-out "downashore" in the Summer.

We had Pet Rocks & Chia Pets, played Trivial Pursuit & UNO, and read the "Sweet Valley High" books.

We miss dressing-up to go dancing--the fun & colorful fashions of the 70's + 80's! We love the All-70's Sunday on our local oldies radio station (and wonder when "oldies" went from being doo-wop & Sha-na-na, to the music we grew up with?)

We remember when a calculator cost $$$! And we do, too remember penny-candy. We played pinball, Pong, and Pac-Man, & our Atari was radical! Our first home computer with 128K of memory & those big 5-inch (really) floppy disks was cutting edge! And when they got color screens+Windows-wow! Our first cellphone was at least 3x the size of the one we have now (which is not always an improvement). Some of us are tech wizards, some of us will never figure out the 'interwebs.' We recall the Challenger tragedy and Carl Sagan's COSMOS.

We 'read Regan's lips,' & a lot of us 'just said no;' we got a kick out of candidate Clinton playing sax on Letterman, some of us are still mad about the hanging chad's, & hey!our current President Obama is a Generation Joneser! We've been in the working world for 20-some years, boom & bust. None of us were drafted, but some of us served.

A lot of us Jonesers married in the late 80's & the 90's; Our kids are young teens to those heading off to college. A lot of us mana


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