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Sydney, Australia
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This group is for anyone who likes to go out and meet new people, if you like to have a casual drink or a huge night out on dance floor or maybe dinners, walks, movies, kayaking then this is the group to join.

Are you looking to increase your circle of friends? Maybe you are single and just want to go out and hang out with a bunch of other people and just have a good time or in a relationship and like to go out together then come with us. This group is where the parties are happening!

This group is all about people coming together to Dance/Drink and Socialise. Anyone with interest in any style/level of dancing/Partying, and of course, socialising is welcome.

Do you like to: Socialise with warm and friendly people in some Sydney's most popular venues. Whether is be for after work drinks or dinner or movies and festivals.

This is a group for social gatherings afterwork drinks,bars,pubs,clubs,dance parties,nightlife,harbour cruises,theme parties,movies,meeting interesting people of the opposite gender for interaction. Group caters for age group 21 -49 years.

We have three FB pages please feel free to join one or all updates online.Please note all events are not advertised on Meetup but o FB pages. Like the pages and get invited to exclusive events.

If you would like to become a host and organise events please contact me or have ideas for an event, please do not hesitate to contact us below.


Roma & Mark

0425 230 822

<br>Please note that if you RSVP to an event and do not show up, you will be removed from the group. <br> Take a quick look at the upcoming Events, make sure you book and see you at the meet up.
To join our whatsapp group, pls msg Anil on 0401961627, to get connected. Thanks



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