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Music, Dancing, Mingle, Social, Nightlife, Happy Hours and Special Events (singles parties, business networking happy hours, bike nights, pool parties, holiday parties and more) in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

PLEASE CHECK OUR CALENDAR and THE "ABOUT" PAGE ... You won't be sitting at home with the remote in your hand. Although we will have some singles events, this is not a singles group. Couples are Welcomed.

If you choose to become a member (Mischief Maker) Music, Mingle, & Mischief will become YOUR group, so feel free to ask your friends to join!


“You Only Live Once”
“You Can Sleep When You’re Dead”

Hi, Hal, Zina and Barbara have taken over this group for people who enjoy life, music, dancing, socializing, having fun, dressing down, dressing up, and who (like us) have what is known as “Peter Pan Syndrome”

Peter Pan syndrome: Term coined by pop psychology author Dan Kiley in his book "Peter Pan syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up."
Peter Pan is in reference to J. M. Barrie's classic 1904 play in which a boy who refuses to grow up teaches Wendy and her younger brothers how to fly and then it's off to magical Neverneverland for adventures with mermaids, Indians, and wicked Captain Hook and his pirate crew. The play's full title was "Peter Pan, or, The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up."
The Peter Pan syndrome is not at this time a medically accepted syndrome. (not yet!!!...this group just might change it)

Some of our activities will include live music, dancing, happy hours, pool parties, themed parties, bike nights, dinners and so much more. I didn't put an age range on our group....some events will be geared towards the  30s , 40's and  50's+   . When it comes to's up to the individual and what they like. I'll be doing Rock (new/classic and some alternative)Southern Rock, and Blues (can't put an age on that). In this group....we're all just big KIDS ;-)

We are  always looking for fresh ideas and assistant organizers who are fun and detail oriented

If you are pretentious, caddy, uptight, judgmental, negative, unhappy, miserable, set in your ways, old-minded, narrow-minded, no-minded, mean spirited, unkind, or a horses butt…..DON’T JOIN!

RSVP “YES” To The Events and... Get Into Some Mischief ;-)


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