Modern Jive in Berlin

Berlin, Germany
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Do you love dancing, socialising and meeting new people? Then this is the perfect group for you! Modern Jive is THE new social dance! It's a modern partner dance BUT you don't have to join with a dance partner. Very easy to learn and great fun! 

Also, Modern Jive  can be danced to almost any type of music. It's a fusion of many dance styles (elements from lindy hop/swing, rock'n roll, jive, salsa, ballroom...) boiled into one. 

* Get 50 % off on your first Thursday dance night (only 5 Euro) 
* Join without a dance partner
* Meet great people from around the world
* Fun music mix (not restricted to a certain type of music)
* Drinks available
* No contract, pay at the door
* Teaching language: GERMAN/ENGLISH

Make sure you walk through the big gate into the 2nd backyard. The studio is called "chachachicas".

I started this group because I danced Modern Jive in Australia/New Zealand and really missed it here.
Come and help us make this dance more popular in Germany!
This is the only place in Berlin to learn Modern Jive!

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