"Life Begins at 45...Plus" Social Group (Mandurah)

Mandurah, Australia
285 Members

This Meetup Group is for men and women in Mandurah and the surrounding area who are young at heart and in the 45 – 65 age bracket. (WE ARE NOT A DATING WEBSITE!) The group has been established for people to enjoy a wide range of social activities in a fun, friendly, safe and engaging environment and to allow people to make new contacts and enjoy lasting friendships.

We are a group of bright, fun-loving people who enjoy life and all it has to offer.  Our varied and broad social events are mostly based in and around Mandurah, but may go beyond this boundary and include activities such as:  walks, café coffees, sundowners, music, theatre, relaxation, concerts, picnics, camping, movies, parties, lunches, dinners, dancing and weekends away.

We would like to accept and welcome like-minded people into our group who have a good sense of humour and enjoy networking, learning about others and are willing to actively participate in our posted activities. We endeavour to make new members feel welcome and cared for at their first event.

We would also like to openly encourage willing members to suggest and or host some events. Just relate your ideas to one of the organisers for consideration.

So, if you think this meetup group is for you, then take the plunge and follow the prompts to join! Please note, we will require a $5 fee annually from you for our subscription to Meetup Inc. in the USA and a RECENT HEAD shot photo to uploaded upon your request to join.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the organiser.

We look forward to meeting and greeting you very soon!


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