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Got dance? Have you always wanted to learn, but you didn't know how to get started? Well, we make it easy for you. Here at RhythmAddict, you'll learn from professional, yet super fun, teachers for a very reasonable price. We make our schedule easy for busy adults to attend our classes. We list all Level 1 classes on Meetup - all other levels require permission to attend.

Our full schedule is listed below & on our website Put on your dance shoes and join the fun.

RhythmAddict is a dance studio in Rancho Cucamonga<br> 10373 Trademark St, Ste E<br> one block NW of Haven & 4th Sts

We have lots of fun ways to get started: Drop-In Group Classes, a 6-Week New Student Trial Series,  Workshops and Monthly Social Dances. The dance is a studio practice party, open to the public, to give all those learning to dance or just wanting to practice, a great dance floor and variety of music and fellow students/dancers to get you moving and having fun on the dance floor.<br> Salsa Y Mas Social Dance <br> -Free mini lesson 8:30pm. Dancing 9pm-1am <br> The dances are $10/person. Water, sodas and snacks provided. Feel free to bring anything else you'd like to drink.

And if you're looking to get really good, really fast (who isn't, right?) we also offer various private lesson packages. I hope you find something interesting and come join us soon!


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