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Bollywood Funk NYC's brand new dance class, NAACH XPRESS! Featured in Elle Magazine alongside Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri!

Catch a sneak peek here:

Also recommended on BuzzFeed as one of the top 16 creative workouts in NYC!


Don't like going to the gym, but want to stay fit? Don't like separate sets of exercises, but want a complete body work out? Love to dance, but feel like you have 'two left feet'? This is the class for you! Naach Xpress is a high-energy, fitness fueled dance class to Bollywood beats. It's one big dance PARTY! Students sweat it out to the best of Bollywood Funk NYC's signature dance moves, in an easy to follow format and fun, dynamic, party-like atmosphere. Join anytime. Open to people of all dance skill levels, including those with no previous dance experience at all. Groove, sweat and dance your heart out... AND get a great workout.

Class format: Each class will focus on 3 hot and popular Bollywood dance songs; new songs every class! Choreography styles are urban Bollywood which is a fantastic fusion of jazz, hip-hop,funk and contemporary. Instructor leads the class and choreography is simple to follow but intense on cardio! Classes are guy & gal friendly. :)

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