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WEST Coast Swing weekly lesson and social Dance, and by popular demand we are starting up again the weekly practice dance time.  so each Tuesday not only will you learn but you will have time to practice and dance what you have learned with an hour of dance time from 9pm - 10pm  

7pm WCS basics and beyond

7:45 pm WCS open dance practice  everyone practice time .

 8:15pm - 9pm . Intermediate level and beyond. 

WCS is one of  the most fun dances to learn, and dance...once you get the hang of it.....

I have been teaching and dancing and performing for over 30 years in dance and when asked which is my favorite dance I immediately answer WCS. The diversity in music allows you to express yourself to a number of rhythms, from slow, sultry Soul to upbeat, energetic Swing and modern music such as Hip Hop and Funk.  It is a dance that reaches out to all ages because of the diversity of the music.

WCS is all fun...but what West Coast Swing teaches you is how to communicate with one another.  The dance is about lead and follow....a conversation between two people.  where that conversation goes and how intense it becomes is up to the two people dancing....you have to try it out to understand the conversation....so much fun.

West Coast Swing Dancing Group meets up every Tuesday night at the Venetian Club in Hamilton, It only costs $5 for the evening! >> New to West Coast Swing? << beginner lessons starting at 7:00pm on Tuesday nights.. Each 4 week session costs only $55.00 per class level, but you can drop in at any time for $15.00!

If you're a beginner and come for the 7:pm, class please stay and watch the next levels.  There is open dance practice from 9:00-10pm.  If you would like to try the more advanced levels then it is just $15 for the drop in level. you can get a taste of what you yourself will be like in the future by watching the Intermediate and Advanced class do their thing. every week........on Tuesday at the Venetian Club in Hamilton is the place to be for dancing....WCS......is the connection you have been waiting for!

Join us today! There's no such thing as too much West Coast Swing! and no such thing as I will wait till next week.  .....bring a friend.

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