Spanish, Salsa, and Tango at El Taller!

New York, United States
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El Taller Latino Americano/The Latin American Workshop is a non-profit cultural arts center located in PS109 El Barrio's Artspace on East 99th Street.

El Taller is: a space alive with color, sound, movement, and creativity where music, art, and language converge to educate and entertain. 

El Taller is: Language Classes... where students discover how the language of art and the art of language can transcend cultural barriers. A Cultural Center... where over 500 people each month meet to share ideas,find creative inspiration, and find refuge in the middle of the New York City. A Stage... where local and internationally known artists and musicians present their work. A Gallery... to showcase upcoming and established artists from all over the world. For more information about El Taller Latino Americano, please visit our website at


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