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Argentine Tango is a popular social dance with extreme partner connection and body dynamics. The core of the dance is simple with natural movements and expression. Tango is relaxed. We learn to feel, listen and respond as we would in  a conversation. The in-the-moment experience and the oneness of the connection are what makes this dance so appealing. The music of the tango has infinite flavors and sentiments offering countless creative and expressive possibilities within the dance  bringing a unique and wonderful way to connect and experience extraordinary moments with others.

Who dances tango? Tens of thousands are enjoying social tango dancing world wide. All from diverse backgrounds, professions, and cultures of all kinds. In tango there are no age boundaries.

New to tango? Classes are fun, and simplified. Come learn, explore and create!  Come dance! Come see why the dance of Argentine Tango has it's own way of echoing in your soul long after the class and dancing has ended.

With joy, I expose and share the world of tango!

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