Salsa Dance Beginners - (Let*s go Salsa class, Salsa club)

Singapore, Singapore
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Thank you for checking this group.

This group is for Salsa beginners because all of our group members are Salsa beginner. We experienced Salsa only a few times, even more a few of them experienced Salsa only once. If you are Salsa beginner or you are interested in starting Salsa please do join this group. We will regularly go to Salsa lesson, Salsa Club and we will organize Salsa BBQ as well. The reason why we started this Salsa group is that simply Salsa is really fun and Salsa can give powers to people. We want to share this fun dance to everyone and become good salsa dancers together.

 If you want to start Salsa dance with us, please join this group for updates.

Let*s enjoy life with Salsa and with us. 


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