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Come learn how to dance various Latin dances with Jed Walker! We will learn to dance and then visit local nightclubs to show off our moves or at least try out what we have learned! If you have always wanted to learn Latin dancing then this is the group to join. Your organizer, Jed Walker is highly qualified to help you develop your Latin dancing having competed, performed and taught Latin dancing internationally including teaching at the Chicago International Salsa Congress and the Detroit World Salsa Congress. Get ready to first learn and then shine on the the dance floor!

First and foremost, this group is about actively meeting people in real life. If you are joining for any other reason, please feel free to join a different group.

We celebrate life and living, making friends and enjoying life through music and dance.

To accomplish our objective, we kick off the celebration on the First Saturday of each month with our Welcome New Members Party where our new members come together with our existing members to meet new people, make friends, listen to music, have a drink and dance. IN ORDER TO BE A MEMBER OF THIS GROUP, PARTICIPATION IS EXPECTED AND ATTENDANCE AT THE FIRST WELCOME NEW MEMBER PARTY AFTER JOINING THE GROUP IS THEREFORE MANDATORY.

IN ADDITION, every member will be expected to attend a minimum of 1 group event every 3 months. Failure to attend any events in a 3 month period, without good cause, will result in termination of your group membership. Attendance at the Welcome New Member Party meets this requirement for the current quarter after joining. After that your attendance will be reviewed each quarter ending March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st. Failure to complete your quarterly participation requirement will result in an $10.00 administrative fine being assessed against you.

This group is about meeting people, socializing, celebrating and having fun dancing with one another. Therefore, only join this group if you intend to participate in our activities and events. If you are not going to participate, don't join this group. We are only interested in people that want to have fun getting together in real life, socializing, celebrating life and learning to dance and/or going dancing.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to dance or don’t have a dance partner.  We always have free dance lessons available during the evening and we all rotate partners during the lesson so everybody meets everybody and are then comfortable dancing with them during the night.

Please update your RSVPs when necessary - we should have a good headcount before each of our adventures (in case of reservations, etc). We have a zero tolerance for "No Shows". If you RSVP Yes for an activity or event we expect you to show up. If you fail to show up you will be removed and banned from the group.

We embrace and rejoice in life through the celebration of each member’s birthday.

Every Saturday night we get together to celebrate the birthdays of our members that had a birthday that week with cake, champagne and dancing. Members are encouraged to bring their friends and family too! Everybody will be there to help you celebrate whether we knew you before or not, we are here to celebrate with you!

Your birthday celebration is FREE! There is no cost to celebrate your birthday with the group. We ask the month and day of your birth when you join and then every year you will be invited to celebrate your birthday with a FREE birthday party.  We also ask for your email address to facilitate the invitation and to send you special offers, announcements and event information throughout the year. By joining the group you are granting Jed Walker of Sultry Salsa permission to email and/or text you. You can revoke permission to mail to your email address at any time using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every email.

Your FREE birthday celebration includes a reserved table for you, your guests and the group. We will provide a FREE personalized cake for your birthday celebration, and if you like, we will have a birthday dance for you and record it too! In addition, we will add a FREE bottle of champagne for your birthday toast.


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