RaD North County: Rockin’ and Dancing Active Social Group

Escondido, United States
5549 Members

Welcome to Rockin’ and Dancing North County Active Social Group!

We are a group of fun, active people who love music, dancing and socializing. Although we are primarily based in North County, we will also have events in San Diego, Temecula Valley, and Orange County.

Although most of our most popular events involve music and dancing, we will also have hikes, walks, happy hours, and game nights; among other fun times together. If there is an event you think would be fun, you’re welcome to host, just contact me!

We believe it’s all about gathering the best people around you because their energy draws more great people. So, if you are new in town or just want to meet fun and positive people, this group is for you. Come join us sometime. Every day you step out of your routine is an adventure. Come with us you won't regret it.


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