Jeet Kune Do/Kali Fierce Egalitarians

San Francisco, United States
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"What would happen if a year-old baby fell from a fourth-floor window onto the head of a burly truck driver, standing on the sidewalk?

It's practically certain that the truckman would be knocked unconscious. He might die of brain concussion or a broken neck.

Even an innocent little baby can become a dangerous missile WHEN ITS BODY-WEIGHT IS SET INTO FAST MOTION.

You may feel as helpless as a year-old infant-as far as fighting is concerned; but please remember: (1) YOU WEIGH MORE THAN A BABY, and (2) YOU NEED NOT FALL FROM A WINDOW TO PUT YOUR BODY-WEIGHT INTO MOTION.

You have weight, and you have the means of launching that weight into fast motion." - Jack Dempsey

This group is about reality based-fighting. We share physical knowledge and train in the Jeet Kune Do philosophy and methodology as developed by Frank Discussion and Sonny Umpad, myself, and others.

We explore training techniques drawn from:
Mo Meng Do | Visayan Style Corto Kadena Larga Mano Eskrima | Combatives | Fencing  | Jun Fan Gung Fu | Jeet Kune Do | Chinese Kickboxing | Savate | Muay Thai Kickboxing |Boxing | Wing Chun | Aikido | Judo |Stick Fighting | Dumog | Sikaran | Panatukan | Pangamut | Cha-Cha | Three & Four step Hustle | Argentine Tango.

Combat Ranges:

Weaponry (non-ballistic) | Kicking | Boxing | Trapping | Grappling (Stand-Up)  | Hand to Hand Combat |  Ground Fighting | Submission Skills | Escape Skills |

Side Note - Due to Meetup's pricing policy, I keep the group membership to below 50. I eliminate based on the last time you came on site. You are welcome to rejoin at any time.


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