Central Coast Over 40 Social & Active Group

Gosford, Australia
120 Members

If you are over 40 and enjoy meeting new people, getting out on weekends and having fun along the way, then you are welcome to join Over 40 Social & Active Group – where a sense of humour will be highly regarded!

As the name suggests, some events will involve physical activities, other outings will be more leisurely – but all will involve socialising in their various ways.

On the upcoming agenda will be bush & beach walks, kayaking, barefoot bowls, tennis, dinners, dancing, local festivals, exhibitions and even weekends away!

While most events will be based around the Central Coast, we will also set our sights beyond - after all, why restrict ourselves! This could include Hunter Valley, Sydney, Blue Mountains etc.

Singles and couples are welcome, and members are encouraged to submit ideas and comments so I can develop group activities that reflect your interests. Maybe you’ll even get to tick something off your wish list... 

• Please bring a positive attitude, sense of fun and your friendliest smile to each event.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” - Mae West

“I realize that humour isn't for everyone. It's only for people who want to have fun, enjoy life, and feel alive.” Anne Wilson Schaef   


If you would like to join, please ensure you follow ALL instructions detailed below to prevent delays in approving your membership. 

• Fully complete your profile for Over 40 Social & Active Group (SAG), including the Introduction section. 

Important:  To include your Introduction you will need to follow the steps below to edit your specific SAG profile once it has been created.  It's a little fiddly but only takes a couple of minutes if you follow the guidelines. 

1) Log into Meetup (via the website using a computer or tablet, not via the phone app as it doesn't give you full access to the site and functions) 

2) Click on the word Meetup (in red at the top left of the page) then ‘Find a Meetup Group' within 25 miles of Central Coast’ to locate all the groups. SAGs should be near the top if you search for ‘Most Active’ groups. 

3) Click on Over 40 Social & Active Group and you will see that your status is pending. 

4) Click on the grey box next to ‘Pending’ and select ‘Leave Group’.

5) The next screen will ask ‘Are you sure you want to leave?’ Click Cancel.

6) You will now be able to see the profile you created for SAGs.

7) Scroll down the page to Introduction, and click on ‘Add Intro’. Please say something briefly about yourself, and perhaps list some of your interests to give a sense of who you are. Click on ‘Save’. 

• Upload a clear current photo of yourself

• Pay an annual membership fee of $10.00 on joining and 1st April thereafter (This fee covers ongoing site fees that organisers are required to pay Meetup, plus other associated costs)

 • Ensure you read the Group Principles and Personal Responsibility Disclaimer before you sign up (Refer to the More - Files tab).

• Attendance - As the group has capped numbers, attendance is regularly reviewed.  If you do not attend an event within 3 months of joining, or for any period of 3 months thereafter, your membership will be considered inactive and may be withdrawn at any time.  The removal of non-active members is necessary to manage the group, and allows a new person the opportunity to join and participate in our activities.


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