Barcelona International Expats

Barcelona, Spain
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This MeetUp hopes to be a bridge between cultures, helping to connect people from of the world, while having fun and making friends.

Each month we organize a variety of different social and cultural activities creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere for people to meet, see Barcelona and nearby areas, and enjoy activities (dinners, salsa, flamenco, taichi, fitness and more...). We have a special focus of helping to introduce the cultures and traditions of Catalonia and Spain to Expats Members while sharing other cultures with our Spanish and Catalan Members.

If you are a respectful, enthusiastic, friendly, and funny person, then this is definitely your Meetup. Have a place you’ve wanted to go or an activity you’d like try but would love to share the experience with others? Please let us know! We are a modern and cooperative Meetup and we are very open to your ideas and initiatives. This is the Meetup that thinks about you!

"Love Generation" by Bob Sinclair

The "Barcelona International Expats" logo is courtesy of Rodrigo Jarpa, our taichi y qi gong teacher.

If you have nice pictures from your country, please send them us! :)


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