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We provide a variety of classes for individuals looking to improve or maintain their health and fitness. The classes are small (up to 8 members) and the instruction can be modified to meet anyone's needs and limitations. ALL classes are reasonably priced @ $12 per class ($35 4-class package; $44 monthly auto-pay for UNLIMITED classes), and the atmosphere is friendly.

ZUMBA! is an incredibly fun, up-tempo aerobics class that incorporates latin-based dance movements coordinated with the flavor of heart-pounding international beats to raise your heart rate and sweat off the calories. If you've never done Zumba! before, our Zumba! instructors will walk you through the basics to ensure that you have a great workout. This class is a blast!! If you like to shake your hips and work your butt off then this is the way to go!

ZUMBA GOLD is a scaled down version for beginners and active seniors. It's a great way to learn the basics and have a blast doing so!

PILATES is a low-impact class that is designed to target the body's core (abs & low-back) region. Kimberely and Stella are all incredible instructors and each will put you through their own challenging routine and will assist you to ensure that all of the moves are performed properly. If you feel that your tummy needs some work then this is the class for you!!!

YOGA The practice of yoga is for people of all ages, all levels, all intentions.  This class will challenge you physically, building muscle and increasing flexibility, but will also be an opportunity to increase self-awareness, focus, and peace of mind.  Modifications will be offered for all levels of practitioners.

YOGA GOLD is modified to accommodate our active adult participants...but don't let that fool ya! The class will still require you to reach beyond your limits - whatever they may be - for stamina and flexibility.

HIIT This class is designed based on the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) utilizing a specific interval method.  If you're serious about making changes to your body and fitness levels then this is the class for you.  Expect a kick-a$$ workout each and every time you're here!  This class is NOT recommended if you have cardiovascular issues or  joint pain.

KICKBOXING (CARDIO) This class is high-tempo constant motion with kicks and punches to get your heart pounding and your body moving! You don't need a lot of skill to participate in this class...just the commitment to burn calories and work your butt off! Amanda has a great routine and you'll have it mastered after just a couple workouts! You will definitely feel energized after this workout!

-Erik James



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