Argentine Tango NYC

New York, United States
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Our mission is to create a group of people who love to dance tango and make friends.

Our school has one of the most friendly environments in tango. It is free of attitude and is the perfect place to meet new friends. Singles find the opportunity to meet other singles and couples rediscover their relationship. This is also the right place for social networking to create new businesses.

As a group, we all go out together for social dancing and we create several events where every one (beginners and not beginners) have fun

You will never have to dance alone!

Signing up for this group you will find information on all the exciting events from our tango dance school in New York City. Information on upcoming classes, special workshops, film lectures, practicas, shows, etc.

Why we are special?

The Strictly Tango NYC school is exclusively dedicated to spreading authentic classical tango as it was danced in Argentina during the Golden Age of Tango from the 1940s to the 1980s. Our teaching system is based on many years of research we did on location in Buenos Aires and all over the world.

Our school uses 100% traditional tango techniques. This is the pure neighborhood style with no influences from other dances. Our aim is to form strong and clear leaders, and sharp and precise followers with elegance, posture and creativity.

Don't hesitate and join us now.




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